Jon Lord With Pictures

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1 - Introduction - Resurrecting the Concerto
2 - Leaving Deep Purple
3 - The Concerto with George

4 - A Change of Plan
5 - A New Beginning
6 - Photo Gallery
7 - The Future

Jon Lord With Pictures is an in-depth documentary film on Jon Lord's recent musical career. It traces the resurrection of the Concerto in 1999 through Jon Lord's difficult decision to leave Deep Purple in 2002 and into his current solo career as a composer.

Revolving around an informative, eloquent and honest interview with Jon Lord, the DVD includes fascinating, exhilarating a few very moving sections. Ultimately it leaves you wishing for more documentaries like it - low on meaninglessly fast editing and rich on original footage telling the story in its 'own words'.

A treasure chest for any Jon Lord fan and for many Deep Purple fans.

The Chapter Selction below offers a guided screengrab tour through the contents of Jon Lord With Pictures.

Rasmus Heide


Contemporary coverage of Jon Lord's 2003 tour of Australia

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