Jon Lord in Stockholm 1983.
Interview 2 - Stockholm (January 14 1983)
by Mike Eriksson

The rumours of a Deep Purple reunion persists. Thereīs a note in todays newspaper that it is going to happen.
- I have not been asked. And if Deep Purple ever did return we would have to be the Best, not the second best. I really enjoy being in Whitesneke and I have no time for nostalgia. I donīt want to play "Smoke On The Water" again. Itīs history now. Also, I feel that the current version of Whitesnake is more demanding than Purple ever was. Cozy Powell says that he had never worked so hard before as he is now in Whitesnake and he has Rainbow and others to compare with.

Yes, Cozy Powell is the drummer now. How is it not to play with Ian Paice anymore?
- Well, Ian and I have played together for 14 years and thatīs a long time. On the other hand I always knew what he would do next. I donīt know Cozy that well as yet. It has been very hard for Cozy to replace Ian because he feels that he isnīt good enough, or as good. Itīs a complex that we are trying to help him to deal with. And lets face it, Cozy is pretty good.

On your new album "Before I Forget" there is a song called "Bach Onto This" that is just amazing. Lots of magnificent playing. Is that song to hard to fix live?
- Probably, yes, because itīs not just about me. A lot would depend on the drummer and the guitarist. "Before I Forget" is my thing and I wanted people to know that the old guy is not dead yet. Basically itīs a very quiet album with very personal lyrics, some of which are dedicated to my wife whom I love. On "Bach Onto This" I could take it somewhere else, do something more demanding.

How is the plans for Whitesnake looking the next few months?
- Well, in march/april we will hit the studios again and record the next album. Even I have a couple of songs ready for that one. Before that we will finish a tour in Japan were 36 000 tickets are sold in Tokyo alone. Later in the year we will do Europe again and Iīm sure that Sweden will be included in these plans. We have just got the most expensive sound equipment that exists on the market so we want to perform to as many people as possible. Right now we are getting to know oneanother as a unit after the changes so the next tour might be the best yet. We are also going to film parts of it.