Jon Lord in Stockholm 1984.
Interview 3 - Grand Hotel (April 14 1984)
by Mike Eriksson

- Iīm so tired, I have hardly slept at all since we arrived in Sweden. Iīll have to steal an hour or so before the show tonight.

It was sad to hear that Mel Galley had broken an arm.
- Yes, thatīs the sort of thing that give you an ulcer. Two weeks from now our most important tour of the States begins and Mel canīt be there. Right now we donīt know how to deal with this but if it works out fine with John Sykes here it should work out in America as well. But it is all quite nerv wrecking.

The american market is the only one left to conquer. Is David ready to work as hard as it takes to crack it over there as well?
- David might well be but then he would have to do it without me. Thatīs how Deep Purple conqured America, loads of concerts all the time. And it finished us as well. I hope that Whitesnake cracks America but I donīt intend to kill myself to make that happen. But what happens over there now is very important for the future of Whitesnake.

I know that you hate this question but what about Deep Purple? I spoke with Ian Gillan a few months ago and he claimed that it was close to happening in january last year.
- Iīm disappointed that he said that because Iīve never said yes, and neither has Ian Paice. It seems to me that Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover and Ian Gillan wants to get Deep Purple back together again, but I still have to say yes. But weīll have a chat about this soon.

( Little did I know that Deep Purple would reform right after this hinted meeting! )

What is your opinion about Chris Charlesworth Deep Purple biography, are you happy about how the band is portrayed in this book?
- As happy as I can be, but naturally everything that happened was not revealed even now. If we talked about everything that occured girlfriends and others could get hurt. You know, thereīs a lot of stuff going on in a band that people never see.

It seems like Ian Paice was basically fired from Whitesnake...
- Yes, but he had himself to blame. He became a little lazy when we recorded "Saints AnīSinners" and David took notice. Ian Paice is a better drummer than Cozy Powell, but Cozy is probably better suited for Whitesnake now.

Do you keep in touch?
- Sure. We will always be the best of friends. My wife Wicky is his wifes Jackys sister. They are twins, I think I have just discovered how to tell them apart(laughs). I talked with him just three days ago.

You didnīt write anything for the new Whitesnake album "Slide It In", why is that?
- Iīm really not that good at writing stuff that suits Whitesnake and since David is good at it I just forget about that. Iīve been busy working on music for a couple of movies and a tv-series. And Iīm thinking about making a followup to "Before I Forget", my last record.

If you excuse my candidness, I feel that Whitesnake is still a better liveband than studioband. Any plans for a new livealbum?
- So far we have still to achieve in the studio what we can in a live situation, that is true. There is talk about a new livealbum but then you know how the situation is at the moment. Maybe later.